Herbal Education/Consultation


Intro to Herbs - This class will help you learn a bit about how herbalism differs from modern medicine and some of the views of how herbs fit into our lives. We will discuss the basics of methods, types of plants, variations in applications and common sense in making herbs an easy and welcome part of your life. This class is excellent for the totally new to herbs and herbalism. Also wonderful for those who know a bit but want to perhaps broaden their own understandings of the various schools of herbal thought.

    Class is approximately 2 hours long. Cost $20 per person. Information will be provided as well for you to take home. Questions welcome and if wanted we will stay a little longer for discussion and questions.


Herbal Basics - Preparation Choices - SO how many ways are there to prepare herbs? LOTS!! here we will discuss the many methods of preparing herbs, the pro's and con's of the various methods, discuss how to's and resources. This class is ideal for the new herbal student or the herbal person who wants to understand a bit more of when to choose a tincture over an infusion. What is the difference between a liniment, salve or cream? Why one over the other? A class for all levels.

    Class is approximately 2 hours - this class is more of a discussion than a hands on how to. Information will be shared with how to do many of these techniques, especially if you want to keep them simple and easy enough for home. Cost is $20 per person. Handouts will be provided. If time warrants or if there is interested, class may run a little longer for questions and answers beyond class time.


Herbal Basics - Intro to Tinctures - SO how do you make tinctures? How strong does the alcohol need to be? Does it make a big difference? What about kids? I don't like using alcohol on my kids or my pets. Is there an option? In this class we will discuss tincturing, how to, why and our choices. We will discuss the option for tincturing for kids, pets and people who can't or don't want to use alcohols. Advantages of tincturing and disadvantages also will be addressed. A demonstration will also be provided to help explain the how to do it so you can repeat this at home! This class is for all levels but especially excellent for the new student of herbs to help them become more proficient in their own lives.

    Class time is approximately 2 hours and cost $20 per person. This class may be a little hands on, but will provide demonstrations and hand outs to help you repeat what you learn at home. Time may be extended slightly if needed to accommodate questions and discussion.


Herbal Basics - Intro to Creams and Salves - SO how do you make a cream? How can you make a salve? Is it something I can do at home? What's the difference? Can anyone do this? YES!! IN this course we discuss why having creams or salves on hands makes applying and administering our home remedies much easier and also provides an alternative method of administering herbs and oils. We will discuss the how to and provide demonstrations of actual manufacture of creams and salves. This will involve a bit of hands on depending on number of people attending. Such a simple and positive skill anyone can learn. This class is for all levels, but is also especially empowering for those new to herbs and methods of preparation.

    Class time is approximately 2 hours and cost $20 per person. This class may include a bit of hands on in some aspect, but demonstrations will be provided along with hand outs and basic recipes you can try at home. If needed we can stay after a bit to discuss and answer a few more questions.


Please ask if you are looking for a particular class. More classes on specific herbs and applications as well as more on methods of preparation and refresher courses will also be offered at later times. Any questions - feel free to email Herbmstrs@aol.com .


Rebecca Henkins BSN, RN, HN-BC

Master Herbalist, Doctor of Naturopathy and Reiki Master-Teacher