SHITO RYU KARATE—A multi-purpose training program that will enhance the shape of both the body and the mind.  This program will increase awareness, sharpen reflexes, tone the muscles, and promote coordination.  The length of time devoted to the study of Karate will, of course, bear directly on the progress that the student will make in the art.
KOSHIN RYU KOBUDO—The study of the ancient weapons that were used by the Karate Masters in Okinawa (Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, and Kama).  The study of weaponry is desirable to enhance strength in the chest and shoulders and teach the value of using a weapon.  The study of Kobudo is important from the viewpoint that to be able to defend oneself against a weapon, it is necessary to know how to use that weapon.
TAI JUTSU—A method of combat that was used by the ancient Samurai and includes throw, joint locks, chokes, and pressure points.  The weapons of Tai Jutsu are sword, spear, knife, and manriken.
KOSHIN RYU IAIDO—The study of the sword as a way to inner peace, and also a weapon of offense and defense.
SELF DEFESE SEMINARS—Group and Individual instruction in self defense, awareness, weapons (knife/cane),  and rape prevention.

         Iaido                                    Sword and Knife                                                Sai

      Tonfa                        Kama                    Nunchaku                Bo Staff